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Supporting Students with their Process

How does Jane C. Hoffman, MBA, of College Advice 101 in Larchmont support students with their college search and application process and ensure their success?

  • By helping assess what is realistic from a competitive admissions perspective based on the student’s admissions profile, interests and goals.
  • Considering qualitative elements like fit, demonstrated interest and how a particular major may impact admission to a particular college.
  • Recommending a strategic approach.
  • Helping students develop application materials that are comprehensive, authentic and targeted.
  • Advising on how to secure non need based merit aid if that is important.
  • Her knowledge of the role of enrollment management, how hard colleges work to get the students they want, and that students are in control and will have choices.
  • Being highly committed, very accessible, networked with colleagues and on top of the latest trends and developments.
  • Listening, guiding, advising, teaching, supporting and working closely with students to make a potentially stressful process comfortable, educational and successful.

This article about Jane appeared in the January 21, 2011, Education section of The Scarsdale Inquirer. It highlights how her clients are gaining admission to colleges. Not to just any colleges but to the colleges of their choice.

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