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Principles of Good Practice

As a Certified Educational Planner (CEP) and member of the Association of Certified Educational Planners (AICEP), the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA), the Higher Education Consultants Association (HECA), and the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC), I adhere to their policies on Ethics and Professional Practice.

CEP Principles

A key requirement of all Certified Educational Planners is that they adhere to a strict code of ethical practices. The CEP designation signifies that the consultant maintains the highest standards of professional service and conduct. Their guidelines cover competence, client and family interactions, professional relationships with students and families as well as colleges and schools and advertising and public presentation.

IECA Principles of Good Practice

The IECA Principles of Good Practice provide a comprehensive outline on ethical practices and how IECA consultants conduct themselves while working to support students and parents with the college planning, search, application, and decision-making process. 

IECA members treat students and their families with respect and decency and with sensitivity to their individual strengths, values, and needs. As an IECA member, I will not solicit or accept any compensation from Schools or Programs.

HECA Standards and Ethics 

In accordance with HECA Standards and Ethics, it is important to serve the interests of students and families by providing accurate and unbiased information about the college search, application, and decision-making process. It is critical that my clients, both students and parents, are heard and their questions are answered. Candid and honest advice is key to both the process of College Advising and to my professional practice. 

As a HECA member, I counsel and advise on the college search and application process and provide guidance, direction, and review. I do not complete or submit a college application on behalf of a student. 

For further reading on these organizations’ policies, please see links below.

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