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Advice to Parents on “College Shopping”

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I affectionately refer to the process of visiting colleges as “college shopping”. The best time to begin is during the student’s junior year. For your sons and daughters, who are 16, 17, or 18 years of age, much else beyond a focus on college shopping and the college process matters to them at this time (more...)

Personals Ad and Aggressive Marketing

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In my work as an educational consultant to families going through the college search and application process, I use information and humor to support students and their parents. As early admissions decisions have been rendered and seniors now wait for the next round of regular admissions decisions I want to share some thoughts to lend (more...)

It’s Not Like When We Applied to College

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For high school students and their families, applying to college now is very different than when we did it. An article in The Wall Street Journal on April 6 states that “The Education Department projects 3.2 million Americans will graduate from high school this spring, up from 2.6 million a decade earlier.” That is a (more...)

College Process Leads Students to Overinvest in the “Right” Choice

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For many students and families, I think the quest for the “right” college is not simply a quest for status, interest in brand name or a pursuit of the “best” rankings. I have increasingly come to understand that the search process itself and the imperative that parents and students get on the road to the (more...)

College Admission Advice – A Process of Exploration

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For this year’s high school seniors, the college application process is behind them. For many, the huge disappointment of being rejected from their early decision 1 school or from other schools for which they applied regular decision has been replaced by the delight of acceptance letters and the sense of options and possibilities. For students (more...)