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Personalized Guidance To Help Students Identify, Apply and Gain Admission to the Best Colleges for Them

Times Have Changed

It’s not like when we applied. The college admissions process has become increasingly complex and competitive. Guidance from a professional who knows colleges and the process of college admissions is helpful in determining what is best for the student and what is realistic from a competitive admissions standpoint.

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Meet Jane

I have spent over 20 years in higher education as a university administrator and educational planner. With an office in lower Westchester County in New York, I support clients throughout the tri-state area in person.  I also provide guidance to students throughout the country by telephone and email.

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My Role as Educator

I wish that more was written about the integral role of college admissions advisors and independent educational consultants (IECs) as educators. In the current, complex and often competitive terrain of college admissions, we teach. I teach students about college curriculum, general education requirements…

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