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Educational Consultant Spotlight: College Advice 101

Jane C. Hoffman, MBA has spent over 20 years in higher education as a university administrator and educational planner. In 2005, she founded College Advice 101 to apply her expertise to directly support students and their parents as they navigate the increasingly complex college admissions terrain and research, apply and gain admission to colleges. While her office is located in lower Westchester County in New York, she also supports clients throughout the country by telephone and email. She offers services on a comprehensive and hourly basis.

Jane has visited over 180 colleges to date. To stay current, she regularly engages in professional development activities, including meeting with admission officers, attending national conferences and participating in professional exchanges. She is a networked and respected professional and a member of national and regional associations, including IECA, NACAC, HECA and WPRCA.
Jane feels honored to be working with students and parents, guiding them during this important but potentially stressful time in their lives, reducing the anxiety, helping them understand the elements for which they have control and supporting students as they identify and gain admission to the best colleges for them.

One of the many roles that Jane plays is that of educator. She teaches students about curriculum, general education requirements, what it means to declare a major, the differences between liberal arts colleges and universities and how college differs from high school. She talks with students about how to take full advantage of the myriad opportunities college environments offer, the mentoring role that professors often play and the importance of becoming engaged members of their college community. She teaches parents how the college admissions terrain is very different than when we applied. She teaches students and parents how to quiet the relentless “noise” and what to pay attention to, such as the student’s learning style and the family’s values. She regularly shares articles with those clients who are interested. She also answers all your questions regarding the college admissions process.

Mindful of the high cost of attending college, Jane is knowledgeable about securing merit awards and applying for need based financial aid as well as their implications for gaining admission. This year, for example, her clients who qualified for merit awards received annual renewable awards averaging more than $13,000 or $52,000 over four years.

Jane has worked with aspiring engineers, artists, students with learning disabilities and students very clear about their ambitions and proposed course of study as well as those undecided about academic and career goals. Throughout, she has helped them define their goals and tell their stories, often suggesting they include information in their application that they may not have thought relevant but which was, in fact, helpful in differentiating them.

How does Jane support students and their parents and ensure their success?

  • By helping assess what is realistic from a competitive admissions perspective based on the student’s admissions profile, interests, values and goals
  • By considering qualitative elements like fit, demonstrated interest and how a particular major may impact admission to a particular college
  • By recommending a strategic approach
  • By helping students develop application materials that are comprehensive, authentic and targeted
  • By her knowledge of the role of enrollment management and how hard colleges work to get the students they want
  • By highlighting elements that students can control and making sure they know they will have choices
  • By being committed and accessible to clients, networked with colleagues and on top of the latest trends and developments and
  • By listening, advising, teaching, supporting and working closely with her clients to make a potentially stressful process comfortable, educational and successful.

Information, including articles Jane has written, useful resources and lists of colleges visited and colleges her clients have been accepted to, can be found at www.CollegeAdvice101.com.

Jane C. Hoffman, MBA
Founder, College Advice 101

The CEP is the Certified Educational Planner which Jane holds, and is the mark of distinction for independent educational consultants and high school counselors.

Jane Hoffman is a Certified Educational Planner (CEP). The CEP is the mark of distinction for independent educational consultants and high school counselors. It reflects the highest level of professional achievement and signifies extensive knowledge and commitment to the profession and to providing the highest quality of service to students and families. It is conferred only after demonstration of expanded institutional and professional knowledge.

CEPIECANACACJane Hoffman is an active member of a number of professional associations in college admissions and counseling, including the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners (AICEP), the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). Jane is a graduate of IECA’s Practices and Principles Training Institute and adheres to IECA’s Principles of Good Practice. Since it is important to remain current, Jane frequently attends national conferences and participate in professional exchanges that provide the latest information on admission policies, practices, trends and developments. Jane regularly visit colleges and meets with admissions officers to learn about each school’s culture, educational programs, institutional priorities and admissions practices. Ongoing professional development activities also include taking courses online, completing webinars and consulting with colleagues.