“Thank-you so much for all of your sage advice, positive supportive energy, expertise and sharing of great articles. We could not have done it without you!!”

“FRANK, SMART, STRATEGIC. Jane Hoffman has been an absolute godsend. I cannot say enough about her! We absolutely could not have done for our son what she has done and I recommend her unreservedly. We will be hiring her again when our youngest starts preparing for college, this time earlier in the year. (I recommend you start working with her in September of Junior year and definitely no later than February.)”

“My son has been raving about you and really appreciates how kind and helpful you’ve been. I can’t thank you enough for getting him on track.”

“We have enjoyed our relationship with you and the way you engaged with our two special and unique juniors. You have been able to add lots of value to this challenging process in many different ways for us as parents and for our kids.”

“I want to let you know how pleased we are with the advice you provided to our family over the last couple years. Your approach is very organized, honest, and insightful. And you break things down in a way that prevents the process from feeling completely overwhelming. Our son is excited to attend Tulane, and I don’t believe that this school was even on our radar before we started working with you! I anticipated that the college search and application process would be “easier” our second time around. I was wrong. Thank goodness we had you to guide us through! I appreciate your being accessible for “last minute” essay review (even when you were on vacation), for being patient, and for encouraging our son to own the process.”

“Thank you for all your time and effort with my son. He recently said hiring you was the best thing that we did for him.”

“This brief note is to thank you for the great job you did in guiding and supporting my son throughout his application process which ended up very successfully, with him being admitted to almost all the colleges he was interested in. I think he would certainly not have done so well if it wasn’t for your help!”

“My daughter and I thank you so much for all of your help. We are delighted that she got into her top choices and was offered merit money from a number of schools. You helped her develop the strongest essays and applications possible, and really mentally helped us along with the process. You were also a pleasure to work with.”

“Jane Hoffman helped my son do the impossible – get into an Ivy League school!! Her approach is thorough and thoughtful. She is a diligent researcher, and because she knows the schools so well, she was able to present us with many options and to suggest the schools that were a good fit. She helped him think about what he wanted and tailored the school choice to his individual interests. She knows what colleges are looking for in a student, in terms of academic profile, curriculum, extracurriculars, and essays. She also knows how they read applications. Jane was skillful in working with my son, and had a sensitivity to him as a person. She is respectful of family values and worked well with our family system. She was sensitive to his feelings and he felt comfortable asking her anything, no matter how seemingly trivial. She was always able to bring out the best in him, and to advise him about what she thought was best for him, without pushing her own agenda. I cannot recommend her highly enough!!!”

“We are forever grateful to Jane for her ongoing help with this pivotal decision during what for many families is SUCH an intense time. Throughout the process of looking at, considering and applying to college for our daughter, I felt, with Jane’s help, that we were riding in a Mercedes while all the other families I knew were using skateboards – and all this without feeling like a snob, because her advice was so down-to-earth!
Truly, the process became encouraging and interesting instead of anxiety-provoking and fraught. The good, solid advice we received from Jane put us all at ease because we felt we were in control, making the best choices for us the entire time.”

“Jane came highly recommended by a friend. Since we had our own list of schools, we were interested in her expert guidance and input on the development of the applications themselves. After the submission of the applications in the fall, she continued to serve as a resource, answering our many questions about the admissions communications we were receiving from colleges and educating us about their process. Final results: My son was accepted to Princeton, Yale, Columbia, Stanford and Georgia Institute of Technology, wait listed at MIT and Harvard and actually not turned down by a single school! Jane was an excellent resource for all of us through the process. Now my son has the very difficult and exciting task of choosing!”

“Our son was late to the college selection and application process. Big mistake given the complexities and technicalities involved. Had we done our son a disservice by not forcing him into gear earlier? If we had, we put things right by introducing him to Jane. In very short order, our son had his sights set on his dream school. Jane went the extra distance to understand and align our son’s academics, extra-curricular activities and potential with the desires and requirements of various schools. She painstakingly tailored a strategy that ultimately saw our son accepted to his number one choice, which is a highly selective school. Our son couldn’t be happier and we could not be more grateful to Jane.”

“I think you do an incredible job, Jane. You’re available, attentive to detail, knowledgeable, and supportive. Even before our son was admitted to his early decision choice, we were very grateful for your insight, guidance, intelligence, and hard work. Afterwards, we were even more so!”

“Jane, we can’t thank you enough for bringing sanity and clarity to the maze that is today’s college application process. Your insight into the colleges was invaluable and you kept providing the most updated information right up until the end. You never stopped! You also provided us with a strategy to follow both for our campus visits and the applications themselves. This gave our family a measure of confidence that made the experience so much easier. Thank you again for all you’ve done.”

“Jane was an absolute pleasure to work with on our daughter’s college search and application process. She is professional, very thorough, and knowledgeable. She is willing to work hard and remained accessible to both us and our daughter throughout the process. She also has or finds answers to every question any of us had. And the best part is that our daughter got into several schools, any of which would be right for her, so Jane’s guidance and suggestions were right on target. I highly recommend her as a college guidance person. It really eases the process to have her on your team.”

“Jane Hoffman was very helpful in our search for a college for our daughter. She went above and beyond what was required to research options for us, placing calls to her contacts regarding specific questions and generally providing us with a lot of material about each school in which we were interested. While I knew a lot about some schools, I knew nothing about others and she was very helpful in trying to match schools to our daughter’s strengths and interests. I would not hesitate to recommend Jane for the college guidance process.”

“Your incredible depth of knowledge and information along with your advice rooted in reality were extremely helpful in navigating the very challenging landscape of college admission and in making our decisions along the way. And keeping our son on the timeline was of course most appreciated. Needless to say, we are very pleased with the final outcome”

“Extremely helpful and informative, Jane Hoffman provided me with quick, useful information when I needed, answered my questions promptly, was available when I needed her, and made me feel important in the college process. She was supportive and made a confusing time easy to comprehend in an organized way. I can’t recommend her enough to help you weigh your options and choose the right school for you. She’s very knowledgeable about everything you could need to know about college and is extremely well versed on the financial side as well. She helped me pick the right school, and I know she could do the same for anyone else.”

“I am very grateful for all your help through this process. You helped me grow as a writer and prepared me for the next level of learning.”

“Now that I have a quiet moment, I want to let you know how thankful and appreciative I am for all of the time and effort you have given me. You have treated me like one of your own throughout this whole process; I really couldn’t have done any of this without you – thank you will never do justice!”

“I would like to thank you so much for helping me get into college and my top choice too! If it wasn’t for you, I would not have gotten in. You should know that even if I didn’t respond to all of your emails immediately, I read them thoroughly and found them very helpful. I don’t know if I could thank you enough. I am truly grateful for your guidance.”

“From the start Jane helped me feel like the huge task I was about to begin working on was completely manageable. She provided an organized binder of helpful information, from reviews of the universities I was considering to a preview of the common application. In addition Jane was quick to research how each university complemented my specific interests, sending me many links that detailed the programs that fit me as well as discussing various options that may appeal to me during sessions. Jane was also a master planner. It was easy to sit down with Jane and decide when I should complete each piece of my application. In addition she was always ready to help me along the way with quick email responses. Whenever Jane would come across an article or some helpful details about my schools, essay topics, or college applications in general, she would quickly update me. In addition she went the extra mile to call representatives at schools to gather insider information about policies, practices and philosophies to help me present myself in the best light. I was overjoyed to be accepted to my top choice university through an early decision process. Jane helped me prepare almost all of my other applications before I even got those results. Afterwards, she continued to help me by reviewing my application to a specific program within the university to which I was accepted. I would recommend Jane’s services to anyone and everyone! She is an absolutely exemplary counselor and a delightful person and has helped me find a clear path through the chaos that is the college process.”

“I have to thank you for your help in the college process. Your advice on picking the ‘best fit’ school, instead of the school with the most recognizable bumper sticker, kept me sane. I am the only person I know of who had fun applying to college.”

“I thank you for all your work in leading me down my college path. I feel like I’m one of the only people who managed not to despise the college process completely, and ended up fully satisfied with my choice.”

The CEP is the Certified Educational Planner which Jane holds, and is the mark of distinction for independent educational consultants and high school counselors.

Jane Hoffman is a Certified Educational Planner (CEP). The CEP is the mark of distinction for independent educational consultants and high school counselors. It reflects the highest level of professional achievement and signifies extensive knowledge and commitment to the profession and to providing the highest quality of service to students and families. It is conferred only after demonstration of expanded institutional and professional knowledge.

CEPIECANACACJane Hoffman is an active member of a number of professional associations in college admissions and counseling, including the American Institute of Certified Educational Planners (AICEP), the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA) and the National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC). Jane is a graduate of IECA’s Practices and Principles Training Institute and adheres to IECA’s Principles of Good Practice. Since it is important to remain current, Jane frequently attends national conferences and participate in professional exchanges that provide the latest information on admission policies, practices, trends and developments. Jane regularly visit colleges and meets with admissions officers to learn about each school’s culture, educational programs, institutional priorities and admissions practices. Ongoing professional development activities also include taking courses online, completing webinars and consulting with colleagues.